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Take My People to the TOP

“…but what I really want to do is help the black people, especially the young black girls…” Did she just say that? Wait, can she say that? Is she wrong for feeling that… Continue reading

The Race for Honors

Over graduation weekend, it was pretty common to see people weighed down by massive numbers of honor cords hanging around their necks. This is a mark of respect at Gettysburg College, so students… Continue reading

An Equal Opportunity Rejection

Let’s talk about applications. We’ve all been there. You write your application, work on draft after draft and then you send it all off to the college or job of your dreams. And you wait…and… Continue reading

I Am Not Your Video Girl

“We need girls who are willing to be up on stage with us and who are not afraid to go HAM dancing in front of a crowd. I know at least a few… Continue reading

And None For Gretchen Weiners

In the four years I’ve spent at Gettysburg College, it’s safe to say that my experience has been largely influenced by my membership in Greek Life. I’ve developed a personal leadership style and… Continue reading

Lady Gaga, Racist Jokes, and Other Pet Peeves

When I was a kid, my sister would whistle whenever I entered a room because she knew that it bothered me. I picked up on this trick, and I use it even now… Continue reading

Style Watch: Blackface Edition

“We at no point attempted to portray an African women by painting her skin black. We wanted a tanned and golden skin to be showcased as part of the beauty aesthetic of this… Continue reading

That Awkward Moment When I Accidentally Internalized Racism

I recently attended a conference about the importance of Africana Studies (AFS) and it had a panel of visiting professors that consisted of mostly black men and women. I was beyond impressed by… Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother & Other Spoiler Alerts

Ted: She chews loudly. Why do you think we call her Chewbacca? Marshall: Because she’s loyal, wears shiny belts, and I resemble a young Harrison Ford. Shortly after this scene in How I Met… Continue reading