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On a Particularly Patriotic Day

I stare at myself in disgust before turning away and beginning to apply skin creams and makeup that promise a lighter complexion. I straighten my naturally thick, curly hair, methodically going over the… Continue reading

The Weight of Sarcasm

I push the door open slowly, hoping that I’ve gotten to class early enough that there aren’t a lot of people in the room yet to look at me when I enter. As… Continue reading

When You Can’t Quite Place Me

I’m relatively used to being asked the question “what are you?” It’s a strange question because it can mean so many different things. I’m a human? I identify as a female. I’m a… Continue reading

39 Social Justice Books and Movies to Keep Your Brain Warm Over Winter Break!

A hodgepodge of books and movies, some serious, some funny that engage issues of social justice in a variety of ways. If you read or watch one, let us know what you think… Continue reading

A Difference of Appearance

Appearance can seem like it’s everything. My father is from California; his parents are from Mexico and El Salvador. He has tan skin and dark hair and is bilingual in English and Spanish.… Continue reading

The Space I Own

***TRIGGER WARNING: Eating Disorders*** I don’t care what anyone says—being a woman is hard. Being a young woman has its own set of complications–we experience a lot of pressure to look a certain… Continue reading

The Dark Skin I Am In

“You know, you’re pretty for a dark skinned girl, but I’m sure people tell that all the time” “Can I honestly tell you, that you are the prettiest dark skinned girl I know?”… Continue reading

Compliments, Insults and the Paradox of Pillow Talk

I haven’t been a skinny girl since I was seven years old. At nine, I was told I wasn’t small enough to sit down and talk to the other girls. I didn’t “fit”… Continue reading

Fat People Exist

A couple weeks ago, I closed the stall door behind me in a Patrick Hall bathroom and was greeted by this sign. I quickly scanned the text, smiled at the picture, and had… Continue reading

A Confession of a Blonde Asian Girl

I never realized I was an Asian. Nor was I aware I was from South Korea. The thought of identifying myself as Asian was redundant for I was, indeed, from Asia where Asian… Continue reading