Sincerely, the Quiet Girl

When I was younger, I used to think there was something horribly wrong with me, as if I had this mortal flaw. Some nights I used to lie awake in bed and just… Continue reading

But, Why Not?

I am the lucky one. That’s how I’ve felt growing up in backwater Pennsyltucky, yet somehow managing to be openly queer. I came out to my friends and family as bi/pan-sexual in the 8th… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Tiarra Riggins

As we conclude Yik Yak Awareness Week, we’d like to recognize Tiarra Riggins ’17, the fearless organizer behind this week’s events. ”People don’t realize how words can damage a soul,” says Tiarra. Her… Continue reading

Selma is America

During my recent trip to Selma, Alabama, I was overwhelmed by the tangible evidence that blatant racism and segregation still exists. In a town where many had made great sacrifices to combat America’s… Continue reading

Respiration: Breathing Between the Stacks

“Ask my guy how he thought travellin the world sound Found it hard to imagine he hadn’t been past downtown”                           … Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Our Founding Insurgents

Two years ago, four amazing women huddled together brainstorming the best way to popularize justice by making it applicable to college students and within hours Surge was born. Thier vision, humor, and amazing… Continue reading

In The Absence of Peace

Today, the Monday after the attack, all of the flags were at half mast. Everything continued as normal, as if nothing had happened. Yet there was an intensity in the air. I didn’t… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Jennifer McCary

As we conclude Diversity Peer Educators Week, we honor Jennifer McCary, the fearless advisor. In addition to her roles with DPE, she is the Assistant Dean of College Life and Director of Student… Continue reading

The Price I Didn’t Know I’d Pay

$255 textbook. $52 clicker. $150 fleece at Rosemont 310. $1000+ dues to a sorority. These are as much a part of Gettysburg life as Servo Thanksgiving, chicken finger Friday, and Springfest. Fitting into… Continue reading

The Cross in My Closet

It is no secret that my family is Catholic. The slow pace of my childhood beat out a quiet rhythm of whispered rosaries, genuflect here, cross yourself there, amen. My paternal grandparents stood… Continue reading