Gettysburg’s Scholarship Displacement Policy Makes it Impossible for Students to Get Ahead

When I was touring colleges in high school, I quickly fell in love with Gettysburg and decided that it was my top choice. After looking at the price of tuition, my parents warned… Continue reading

Register to Vote!

The 2020 Election is undoubtedly one of the most important elections of our generation, and college students have the tremendous potential to influence the outcome of the election. Pennsylvania is a swing state,… Continue reading

Being Both

“You’re not white.” That’s what I heard on the first day of kindergarten from my recess buddy. She was right. I’m not white. I honestly didn’t know what I was at that age.… Continue reading

Out of the blue: an open letter to loved ones

I can’t breathe, he said We can’t breathe, the Black community cried And it took me too goddamn long to speak up but now, Now I am screaming, screaming. Yes. We can all… Continue reading

How to be a good ally

Did my click bait work? I hate to break it to you, but there’s no step-by-step outline for well-intentioned white folks to follow, because social justice is not that easy. In the words… Continue reading

Maintaining community amid COVID-19

At first I shuddered at the thought of dedicating a post to the COVID-19 crisis, but my best judgment leads me to believe that this is a public health issue, a social justice… Continue reading

The Power of a Voice

**Trigger warning: sexual assault I was a freshman in college and I became a ‘juvenile victim’. I became an article online and the talk of a bored group of people thinking of how… Continue reading

You Know One of Us

**Trigger warning: sexual assault I am afraid of my bed.  I am also afraid of heather blue shirts. Men’s voices make me jump. I am constantly scanning crowds, always looking for the closest… Continue reading

Are We Done Waiting?

In the past month students in surrounding colleges have been protesting and challenging administrative policies regarding sexual assault, yet many of us at Gettysburg are unaware of these events. Members of our shared… Continue reading

You Only Remember Your Tragedies

I am tired. I am tired of going to class and listening to my professor’s ignore my history. I am tired of going to office hours and them telling me that I am… Continue reading