Realtors, Resistance, and White Roses

I remember driving to school with my mother, eyes wide. I thought, as we passed by buildings and stores and little cafes with seats outside, that the small suburban town we were driving… Continue reading

I Hope

As I have gotten older, I have learned that no matter how hard I try, I am never going to be able to repay my mother for everything that she did for me.… Continue reading

A Note from a Naive, Soft-Hearted Liberal

“I’m voting for Trump,” my step-dad announced this summer. Through and through he is Republican, but his backing of Trump still shocked me. When I asked him why, he said that he thought… Continue reading


This Friday we are celebrating the work of Anya Jameson ’17, a senior at Gettysburg College who is originally from Gettysburg, PA. Anya is a Political Science major and a Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies… Continue reading


This Friday, we are celebrating the work of Yasmine Perry ’17. Yasmine, who is originally from Orange, New Jersey, is a senior at Gettysburg College and is majoring in English and minoring in… Continue reading

Lifting A Weight Off My Shoulders

It’s a familiar scene for anyone who’s entered the Jaeger Center. You walk past the entrance desk, past the rock wall, the blue mats with some students stretching; there, the cardio machines, some… Continue reading


This week is Spirit week. Because of this, today’s Fearless Friday honors a student who has worked tirelessly to promote education around LGBTQ issues. Casey O’Higgins is a senior from Detriot, Michigan, who… Continue reading

Post-College Pride

So I was on this date, right, with a man I met in my hometown. In my hometown, except for a few friends, people don’t really know that I’m trans, that I have… Continue reading

I Was Assaulted

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains content about sexual assault My first assault happened when I was 18. It was the summer after high school and I was at my boyfriend’s graduation party. None of us… Continue reading


In this week’s edition of Fearless Friday, Surge is pleased to honor the work of Vanessa Martinez ’19. Vanessa is an Anthropology major with a Peace and Justice Studies minor from Los Angeles,… Continue reading