Fearless Friday: Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock

This week, SURGE is highlighting the fearless work of Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock ’18. Andeulazia, originally from Chantilly, Virginia, is a junior at Gettysburg College and majors in Spanish/Latin American Studies. As a dedicated member… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Piper O’Keefe

This Friday we celebrate the fearless leadership of Piper O’Keefe! Piper is a senior studying globalization and political science. Currently, Piper is the president of the College Democrats, a fellow with the Eisenhower… Continue reading

this may mean doing things a bit differently from here on out

OccupyPennHall failed. Embittered by a failed election and its hateful aftermath, students parked themselves in protest. The act precluded and followed an irruption of a faculty meeting. Therein, sitting professors tuned into pleas… Continue reading


This week we are celebrating the work of Venissa Ledesma ’19. Venissa is a sophomore at Gettysburg College from San Diego, California. She is an Environmental Studies major and a Peace and Justice… Continue reading

Realtors, Resistance, and White Roses

I remember driving to school with my mother, eyes wide. I thought, as we passed by buildings and stores and little cafes with seats outside, that the small suburban town we were driving… Continue reading

I Hope

As I have gotten older, I have learned that no matter how hard I try, I am never going to be able to repay my mother for everything that she did for me.… Continue reading

A Note from a Naive, Soft-Hearted Liberal

“I’m voting for Trump,” my step-dad announced this summer. Through and through he is Republican, but his backing of Trump still shocked me. When I asked him why, he said that he thought… Continue reading


This Friday we are celebrating the work of Anya Jameson ’17, a senior at Gettysburg College who is originally from Gettysburg, PA. Anya is a Political Science major and a Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies… Continue reading


This Friday, we are celebrating the work of Yasmine Perry ’17. Yasmine, who is originally from Orange, New Jersey, is a senior at Gettysburg College and is majoring in English and minoring in… Continue reading

Lifting A Weight Off My Shoulders

It’s a familiar scene for anyone who’s entered the Jaeger Center. You walk past the entrance desk, past the rock wall, the blue mats with some students stretching; there, the cardio machines, some… Continue reading