Between Crazy and Fine

As a young Latina, I grew up hiding the fact that I met with a therapist and that I suffered from depression and anxiety. Conversations about mental well-being or taking steps to cope… Continue reading

Beyond Beyoncé’s Halftime Show

In the weeks following the Super Bowl there has been quite an uproar regarding the halftime show featuring Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars. All over Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news outlets, and in political… Continue reading


SURGE is honored to feature Kelsey DeRaffele ’16 for Fearless Friday! Kelsey is a senior Sociology major. She’s originally from Golden’s Bridge, NY and has spent her time at Gettysburg College getting as… Continue reading


In this round of Fearless Friday, SURGE is honoring the work of Erin Meachem ‘16! Erin is originally from Queensbury, New York and is currently in her senior year at Gettysburg, majoring in… Continue reading

No Justice Given

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time analyzing privilege and looking at how systems in the United States often work to further oppress the vulnerable, while keeping the privileged in power. I have… Continue reading

Q&A: Privilege and Allyship

Question: I’ve always wondered about this: as a white, heterosexual male person who cares about the way minorities and marginalized populations are treated, what gives me the right to feel offended or call… Continue reading


This week Surge is honored to highlight Jasmine Matos for Fearless Friday! Originally from the Bronx in NYC, Jasmine is here at Gettysburg majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Women, Gender, and… Continue reading

Q&A: The N-Word

Question: What is the best way to approach someone who uses blatantly disrespectful language such as the n word and argues that if it is said in the presence of only white people… Continue reading

Allies: what are they good for?

Following the exposure of An Oppression, the well-meaning ask: “What can I do to be a good ally?” The word ally does not resonate with me. As a queer, I have had supposed-allies… Continue reading


Samantha Lee ’16 is SURGE’s Fearless Friday leader for this week! Sam is a Psychology Major with a minor in Religion. Her home is not too far from Gettysburg, just up the way… Continue reading