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The Power of a Voice

**Trigger warning: sexual assault I was a freshman in college and I became a ‘juvenile victim’. I became an article online and the talk of a bored group of people thinking of how… Continue reading

You Know One of Us

**Trigger warning: sexual assault I am afraid of my bed.  I am also afraid of heather blue shirts. Men’s voices make me jump. I am constantly scanning crowds, always looking for the closest… Continue reading

Are We Done Waiting?

In the past month students in surrounding colleges have been protesting and challenging administrative policies regarding sexual assault, yet many of us at Gettysburg are unaware of these events. Members of our shared… Continue reading

The First Year Frat Experience

It was September 14th and my three weeks were up. I had told myself I had three weeks to make friends. Three weeks before Greek life would dominate the social scene. Publicly, I… Continue reading

This Is How You Lose Me

I liked the intimate setting of the class at first. The silence before the professor walked in. The cramped room. It always smelled like citrus cleaning products. Some hair gel mixed in there,… Continue reading

Value is Subjective and Other Fallacies in Economics

“Before I hand back your exams, let’s review the overall performance of the class. Listed here are the median and mean scores. You can also see the grades of five highest scores on… Continue reading

The Rapid Evolution of Queer Language

**This essay contains terminology that may be considered offensive to some. Names have been changed to protect identities. “You remember Kayla?” “Kayla Riddle?” “Yeah. You know she’s a boy now?” “Oh no shit!… Continue reading

In the Wake of a Report

**TW: Sexual Assault Earlier in the semester, many students and professors gathered in the Junction from 10 am until well into the evening to watch as Christine Blasey Ford and now Supreme Court… Continue reading

The Bravest Woman I Know

Editor’s Note: Last Friday, April 20, 2018, Gettysburg College students organized a campus-wide walkout to protest all forms of gun violence as part of Gettysburg College’s first annual Peace and Justice Week. Over the… Continue reading

That Time I Was Harassed by the Man in the Corner Office

Last summer I worked as the marketing intern in my father’s office, keeping mostly to myself in a small cubicle that I was proud to call my own and conversing daily with the… Continue reading