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To My Peers Dismayed By The Looting

“…Violent acts of protesters.” “…destruction of properties.” “…looting stores.” I tried to hide my frustration as I listened to the class discussion taking place. How can people be so easily influenced by mainstream… Continue reading


There’s silence as everybody waits to hear what we already know is coming, ears fixated on Robert McCulloch with hands over mouths, and our fears are validated.  Nothing. And just like that Darren… Continue reading

The Pursuit of Advil and Blow Pops

“Excuse me sir, where’s the Advil?” I ask politely as I walk, for the first time, into the Quik Mart across the street from the Colonial Hall apartments. “Over there.” A middle-aged Indian man… Continue reading

A Difference of Appearance

Appearance can seem like it’s everything. My father is from California; his parents are from Mexico and El Salvador. He has tan skin and dark hair and is bilingual in English and Spanish.… Continue reading

Cannons To Canon

I’ll never forget the first moment, I truly realized who Batman was. No, I’m not talking about (SARCASTIC SPOILER ALERT) his alternate identity as Bruce Wayne, but instead his depth as a character,… Continue reading

The Dark Skin I Am In

“You know, you’re pretty for a dark skinned girl, but I’m sure people tell that all the time” “Can I honestly tell you, that you are the prettiest dark skinned girl I know?”… Continue reading

Wanted More from Moore

I was very excited when I first picked up Wes Moore’s book The Other Wes Moore. After hearing that it was chosen as the common reading text for the incoming class, and also… Continue reading

Don’t Shoot

You just don’t fuckin get it   It always amazes me how some people Seem to be experts in fields they’ve never seen, Know the right directions on paths they’ve never walked, And… Continue reading

College Graduation: It’s a Big Deal

College graduation is a big deal for everyone. It’s especially important to me as a graduate of the Philadelphia public schools, as a child of a low-income family, and as a first-generation Cambodian… Continue reading

Why Is That Even A Question?

“Are you the only white Africana Studies Major?” I overheard another student ask a friend. I reacted. “Why is that even a question?” As I waited for his reply I tried to justify… Continue reading