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I Watch Porn

I started watching porn when I was 16. The first thing I noticed was the porn actresses’ vulvas. They were hairless, perfectly symmetrical, with beautiful folds of labia. This being my only venue… Continue reading

On the Fence

Over a hundred years ago, my great-great grandmother fled Germany by herself to come to the United States to escape the abuse of her father. She had no connections in this country and… Continue reading

Studying Abroad, Toilet Paper, and Other Exercises in Missing the Point

I have been in Ghana only for a few days, and I can already tell I am going to love the place­—the people, the food, the environment, all remind me of my home… Continue reading

Lunar New Year and Coca-Cola

“Happy New Year!” It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it? It’s already February. Ironically, I was informed of the Lunar New Year by my beloved American friend, who seemed more excited to… Continue reading

A Confession of a Blonde Asian Girl

I never realized I was an Asian. Nor was I aware I was from South Korea. The thought of identifying myself as Asian was redundant for I was, indeed, from Asia where Asian… Continue reading

Maybe I’m the Problem

Being raised in the United States, I internalized racist, sexist, transphobic, heterosexist, classist, ableist, and faithist ways of thinking. And by this, I do not simply mean that I was taught to hate… Continue reading

I’ve Seen The Promised Land: A Letter To Amelia Boynton Robinson

Dear Mrs. Robinson,   You asked if I had any thoughts or comments at the end of our visit, and I stood and said nothing. I opened my mouth, but instead of giving you… Continue reading

Reading Between the Lines

“Why do so many people come to our country? They come here and they take pictures, and then they go home and use them to show that we are a terrible place. Why… Continue reading

Our Gendered Food Chain

“They said farmworker women were talking about the fields as the fils de calzón, or ‘fields of panties,’. They referred to the fields as the ‘green motel.’” – U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission… Continue reading

Down at the Cross

For the first thirteen years of my familial life, I walked a block to devoutly pray to statues with open arms, promising open gates- my radiant mother walking with once thin father, hand… Continue reading