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Anchored in El Sueño Americano

“Give me your tired, give me your poor.” With these words carved into the Statue of Liberty, we should never forget that the United States of America is the home of those fleeing… Continue reading

On a Particularly Patriotic Day

I stare at myself in disgust before turning away and beginning to apply skin creams and makeup that promise a lighter complexion. I straighten my naturally thick, curly hair, methodically going over the… Continue reading

on rage.

“Honestly [Flight] was written out of rage. I wrote it immediately after Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, in a matter of months. It was in the aftermath of 9/11. I was… Continue reading

A Meal for the Man On the Redline

These words will bite,  Acid bubbling At the pit of your bowels Vowels volatile won’t Be easy to swallow. Bring your heirloom silverware. Cut at the crux Of your tangled roots and Maybe… Continue reading

When You Can’t Quite Place Me

I’m relatively used to being asked the question “what are you?” It’s a strange question because it can mean so many different things. I’m a human? I identify as a female. I’m a… Continue reading

White People Tears

Many students on the Gettysburg College campus were posed the question: what would your reaction be if the OU SAE scandal had occurred here? By and far, people responded: Unsurprised. Talk about high… Continue reading

Selma is America

During my recent trip to Selma, Alabama, I was overwhelmed by the tangible evidence that blatant racism and segregation still exists. In a town where many had made great sacrifices to combat America’s… Continue reading

Respiration: Breathing Between the Stacks

“Ask my guy how he thought travellin the world sound Found it hard to imagine he hadn’t been past downtown”                           … Continue reading

Border X-ing

The sun out-stretched its bright arms in an embrace with the mesquite trees that beckoned upwards. The wind greeted the clothes drying upon delicate wire while my mother meticulously placed white towels in… Continue reading

39 Social Justice Books and Movies to Keep Your Brain Warm Over Winter Break!

A hodgepodge of books and movies, some serious, some funny that engage issues of social justice in a variety of ways. If you read or watch one, let us know what you think… Continue reading