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Being Both

“You’re not white.” That’s what I heard on the first day of kindergarten from my recess buddy. She was right. I’m not white. I honestly didn’t know what I was at that age.… Continue reading

Out of the blue: an open letter to loved ones

I can’t breathe, he said We can’t breathe, the Black community cried And it took me too goddamn long to speak up but now, Now I am screaming, screaming. Yes. We can all… Continue reading

How to be a good ally

Did my click bait work? I hate to break it to you, but there’s no step-by-step outline for well-intentioned white folks to follow, because social justice is not that easy. In the words… Continue reading

You Only Remember Your Tragedies

I am tired. I am tired of going to class and listening to my professor’s ignore my history. I am tired of going to office hours and them telling me that I am… Continue reading

Dear Society

“I can not wait to study abroad” multiple friends tell me All I do is shake my head and reply “mhm I can not wait either” I lied to them I can not… Continue reading

Living…in Fear

“What do you fear?” “What is your weakness?” Every time I get asked these questions, whether it’s by interviewers or friends, I dread every moment of it. How can I possibly put into… Continue reading

I am

Hearing undocumented I want it to be for means of empowerment, I am tired of the pity look, of the silence, of hesitation, of the thick air and the tension Whenever I let… Continue reading

The First Year Frat Experience

It was September 14th and my three weeks were up. I had told myself I had three weeks to make friends. Three weeks before Greek life would dominate the social scene. Publicly, I… Continue reading

This Is How You Lose Me

I liked the intimate setting of the class at first. The silence before the professor walked in. The cramped room. It always smelled like citrus cleaning products. Some hair gel mixed in there,… Continue reading

Value is Subjective and Other Fallacies in Economics

“Before I hand back your exams, let’s review the overall performance of the class. Listed here are the median and mean scores. You can also see the grades of five highest scores on… Continue reading