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To the boy on campus who dressed up as a Jehovah’s Witness on Halloween

To the boy on campus who dressed up as a Jehovah’s Witness on Halloween, Do you remember drunkenly walking into Huber Hall with your friends? You were walking with two girls. One was… Continue reading

On white guilt.

I didn’t always realize what white guilt was, only that it existed. It’s not as cut-and-dry as it seems. It actually took me years to understand it, which is why I was unsurprised… Continue reading

Blue Collar, Black Tie

Gettysburg pays for half my tuition. The other half, a nearly $25k, I have to take out every year in loans. I expect to graduate with over one hundred thousand dollars in student… Continue reading

College Graduation: It’s a Big Deal

College graduation is a big deal for everyone. It’s especially important to me as a graduate of the Philadelphia public schools, as a child of a low-income family, and as a first-generation Cambodian… Continue reading

Reading Between the Lines

“Why do so many people come to our country? They come here and they take pictures, and then they go home and use them to show that we are a terrible place. Why… Continue reading

Challenging Homelessness

I had been homeless for about 28 hours. I sat on a sidewalk in Georgetown with a friend holding a cardboard sign that read, “Put a Smile on Our Faces” with a Dunkin… Continue reading

Fearless: Ben Litwin

Volunteering with different groups and organizations through Alpha Phi Omega, creating spaces for religious expression at the college, and interning at a coalition to serve low-income housing families, Ben Litwin ’14 fearlessly promotes… Continue reading

Milking the System: Do Poor People Deserve Fresh Food?

Poor Americans are all lazy, selfish people who must first prove their worth as human beings if they want to be able to feed their children. It sounds harsh, stereotypical, and judgmental when… Continue reading