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Attention Seeker

“Why are you such an attention seeker? What pain? Where’s the sorrow? You’re just an attention seeker!” I just sat there, in the bathroom on the ground alone. Cold, so cold, I’m so… Continue reading

The Rush to Fit In

“I like how I look in the mirror,” I shout to my roommate for a third time this morning. I’ve been staring at myself for a good twenty minutes today. “Are you sure… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Sarah Van De Weert

Sarah Van De Weert ’16 has been fearlessly striving to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health disorders. As the current president of Active Minds, Secretary of APO, and a member of the Honor… Continue reading

Rethink #

Watching anyone struggle with mental health disorders should never be funny- and yet, in some instances, that’s exactly how it is viewed. Recently, celebrity Amanda Bynes was involuntarily committed to psychiatric hold for… Continue reading