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More than Birds and Bees

It’s that time of the year –Valentine’s Day just passed, love is in the air, and the Vagina Monologues and Our Voices are this weekend. Let’s talk about sex! Conversations about sex start… Continue reading

The Rush to Fit In

“I like how I look in the mirror,” I shout to my roommate for a third time this morning. I’ve been staring at myself for a good twenty minutes today. “Are you sure… Continue reading

In God We Trust

Almost everywhere I turn I can hear someone saying, “America is a Christian nation!” likely yelled or grumbled with impressive, and sometimes concerning, aggression. I can’t go through a week without this phrase… Continue reading


In this week’s Fearless Friday, SURGE would like to feature the wonderful Beau Charles ’17!   Beau Charles is currently a junior at Gettysburg and is majoring in English while minoring in Women, Gender, and… Continue reading

The Scars of Stigma

“I do”: two words that conclude the plot lines to hundreds of romantic movies. Two words that Hollywood has imprinted in our minds as the culmination of true love – words that children… Continue reading


In this week’s Fearless Friday, we would like to spotlight Kaiden Krueger ’16! Gettysburg College has been Kaiden’s home for the last few years. Kaiden, now a senior, knew from the start that his… Continue reading


As we conclude PRIDE Week, we honor Erin Duran, the fearless director of LGBTQA Advocacy and Education. In Erin’s three years at Gettysburg, he has established institutional support for the LGBTQA community and… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Friend or FOE

Friend or FOE, a recent addition to our campus offers queer students and their allies an opportunity to connect more socially and establish a mutual understanding of their experiences on campus. The group… Continue reading

Judgy Eyes

I can feel them watching me, examining me. I try not to look directly at them for fear that they might see right through me. For so long I’ve walked amongst them and… Continue reading

Fearless: Adrienne Ellis

Taking the initiative to change college policies related to LGBTQ issues, restructuring a sustainable community garden in Gettysburg over the summer, and continually being motivated to change and challenge the powers that be… Continue reading