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Value is Subjective and Other Fallacies in Economics

“Before I hand back your exams, let’s review the overall performance of the class. Listed here are the median and mean scores. You can also see the grades of five highest scores on… Continue reading

More than Birds and Bees

It’s that time of the year –Valentine’s Day just passed, love is in the air, and the Vagina Monologues and Our Voices are this weekend. Let’s talk about sex! Conversations about sex start… Continue reading

Speaking Out

Why do I hold back? Why do I feel a knot in my throat when I want to speak? When I finally speak, my voice disperses across the room into silence. My words… Continue reading

The Rush to Fit In

“I like how I look in the mirror,” I shout to my roommate for a third time this morning. I’ve been staring at myself for a good twenty minutes today. “Are you sure… Continue reading

FEARLESS FRIDAY: Peter Rosenberger

In this week’s Fearless Friday, SURGE would like to honor the work of Peter Rosenberger ‘16! Peter is a Philosophy and English double major with a concentration in writing. Growing up a few… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Jennifer McCary

As we conclude Diversity Peer Educators Week, we honor Jennifer McCary, the fearless advisor. In addition to her roles with DPE, she is the Assistant Dean of College Life and Director of Student… Continue reading

The Price I Didn’t Know I’d Pay

$255 textbook. $52 clicker. $150 fleece at Rosemont 310. $1000+ dues to a sorority. These are as much a part of Gettysburg life as Servo Thanksgiving, chicken finger Friday, and Springfest. Fitting into… Continue reading

Wanted More from Moore

I was very excited when I first picked up Wes Moore’s book The Other Wes Moore. After hearing that it was chosen as the common reading text for the incoming class, and also… Continue reading