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The First Year Frat Experience

It was September 14th and my three weeks were up. I had told myself I had three weeks to make friends. Three weeks before Greek life would dominate the social scene. Publicly, I… Continue reading

The Rush to Fit In

“I like how I look in the mirror,” I shout to my roommate for a third time this morning. I’ve been staring at myself for a good twenty minutes today. “Are you sure… Continue reading

Frats and Faggots

I’m a flamboyant gay man. I was at FIJI on Springfest Friday and some brother over the microphone called his friend (presumably a fellow brother) a faggot. This moment changed a lot for… Continue reading

Drowning in White Whine

“What are some examples of white privilege?” my professor asked. I felt an audible tension in the class as this was asked. This is a tricky subject, especially when you’re talking to a… Continue reading


As we conclude PRIDE Week, we honor Erin Duran, the fearless director of LGBTQA Advocacy and Education. In Erin’s three years at Gettysburg, he has established institutional support for the LGBTQA community and… Continue reading

Generalizing Anxiety

As she began reading the list of symptoms, I was making mental check marks next to the ones that applied to me. Fear of interacting with strangers- check. Fear that others will notice… Continue reading

Porch Culture: The Stoop of Entitlement

To the class of 2017: Welcome to Gettysburg. Welcome to the next four years of your life. Welcome to the school where you spend vast amounts of time at or trying to get… Continue reading

And None For Gretchen Weiners

In the four years I’ve spent at Gettysburg College, it’s safe to say that my experience has been largely influenced by my membership in Greek Life. I’ve developed a personal leadership style and… Continue reading