An Open Letter to Netflix

If there is one thing that I will be absolutely ashamed in admitting to you, it’s that I love television. Love it. Not in a turn-it-on-watch-whatever-all-TV-rocks kind of way, but in an I’m-overly-obsessed-with-15-shows-at-a-time… Continue reading


Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice. Allan Kawala ‘13 does not stand on the sidelines. He is an agent of change and is a leader at… Continue reading

I Am Not Your Video Girl

“We need girls who are willing to be up on stage with us and who are not afraid to go HAM dancing in front of a crowd. I know at least a few… Continue reading

Gettysburg College: Your New Vacation Destination

It’s April 1st and vacation planning has begun! Can you guess CNN’s Top 5 travel destinations for 2013? Forget the vibrant, bustling city life of Tokyo. Romantic cobblestone strolls through Amsterdam? Too many… Continue reading


Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice. If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve had some really spectacular visitors from the south with us on Gettysburg’s campus the… Continue reading

The F-Word.

I’m thinking of a word. Can you guess it? This word is considered negative and harsh. It’s generally avoided in everyday conversations. You wouldn’t normally hear this word spoken by professors or sophisticated… Continue reading

My Life As A Labelmaker

REPUBLICAN. TOWNIE. LIBERAL. CRUNCHY. FEMINIST. CLOSE-MINDED. HIPSTER. It’s easy to label to people. I find it particularly easy at Gettysburg College. When I assign a label to someone, it’s like it appears in… Continue reading

FEARLESS: Mike Altman

Mike Altman ’12 has combined two extremely important aspects of his life: comedy and clean water. After participating in the 2011 Heston Internship in Uganda working in a community on clean water projects,… Continue reading

And None For Gretchen Weiners

In the four years I’ve spent at Gettysburg College, it’s safe to say that my experience has been largely influenced by my membership in Greek Life. I’ve developed a personal leadership style and… Continue reading

My Night As A Sex Tourist

I’ve been studying in Copenhagen, Denmark for a few months now, and since I had a week off to travel (perks of studying abroad), I took the opportunity to spend a few nights… Continue reading