The Secret Life of Schoolgirls

(the following is a real conversation) “So… you were a Catholic School girl.” “Yes.” “Did you wear a uniform?” “Yes.” -eye brow raise- “It’s not what you think.” “You sure?” Even as a… Continue reading

Choosing Sides: The Gender Dilemma

“You can’t check a box between male and female; you are either a boy or a girl.” My professor makes this statement often. It is pretty easy to see why he would use… Continue reading

FEARLESS: V Rosenberger and Tori Reynolds

“Getting Out,” the compelling prison drama by Marsha Norman, is opening tonight at 7:30pm on Kline Theater at Gettysburg, and bringing this play to life are two very fearless women. V Rosenberger ’13… Continue reading

CLASSified: The North Face Files

“You’re going to need to buy nicer clothes,” my dad told me during our first visit to Gettysburg College. I laughed, thinking it was a typical “dad” thing to say and something I… Continue reading

Mobile Activism: What Your Profile Picture Says About You

I know you’ve all been seeing this image all of your Facebook news feeds. All of the sudden a few weeks ago it became everyone’s  profile picture. People were sharing it, along with… Continue reading

FEARLESS: Cassi Franz

Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice. Cassi Franz ’13 has been fearlessly leading this year’s Day of Service. The Day of Service occurs annually and honors… Continue reading

How To Know If You’re An Extremist

I’m a serious West Wing fan. I love it because it not only gives me a little insight into what is obviously a totally accurate depiction of what life is like working in… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Netflix

If there is one thing that I will be absolutely ashamed in admitting to you, it’s that I love television. Love it. Not in a turn-it-on-watch-whatever-all-TV-rocks kind of way, but in an I’m-overly-obsessed-with-15-shows-at-a-time… Continue reading


Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice. Allan Kawala ‘13 does not stand on the sidelines. He is an agent of change and is a leader at… Continue reading

I Am Not Your Video Girl

“We need girls who are willing to be up on stage with us and who are not afraid to go HAM dancing in front of a crowd. I know at least a few… Continue reading