Boys Will Be Boys, Girls Will Be…

Lets talk about sex. Well not really, just the double standard that comes with the topic. It’s no secret that men and women are taught to think about sex differently. While there are… Continue reading

FEARLESS: Sneha Shrestha

Sneha Shrestha ’10, a native to Kathmandu, Nepal, recently received an Advancing Leaders Fellowship from World Learning for her fearless project. With it, she aims to provide a creative outlet for art and… Continue reading

Sexism – LMFAO

So I have a confession to make, one that I’m really not proud of, but part of being a mature person is acknowledging, accepting, and learning from your past mistakes. Here it is:… Continue reading

The Queer Truth

I remember learning about intersexuality (then called hermaphrodism) for the first time in my health class when I was twelve years old. In that lesson, my teacher mentioned that when a child is… Continue reading

FEARLESS: Heston ’13

Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice. Twelve Gettysburg students are embarking on their Heston Internship adventures this week! Liz Marshall, Victoria Perez-Zetune, Rashida Aluko-Roberts, and Jen… Continue reading

Contain Yourself

I can’t say I’ve ever been known as the most organized person in the world. Likely due to clothing littered around my bed and papers sprawled across my desk, my living space is… Continue reading

The Race for Honors

Over graduation weekend, it was pretty common to see people weighed down by massive numbers of honor cords hanging around their necks. This is a mark of respect at Gettysburg College, so students… Continue reading

FEARLESS: Kevin Lugo

Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice. This summer, recent graduate Kevin Lugo will bike over 4,000 miles across the country to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund… Continue reading

Rape Culture Ruined My Favorite 80s Movie

I will admit that I wish my best friend was Duckie, I want to attend just one Saturday detention with Emilio Estevez, and I listen to an unhealthy amount of music from the… Continue reading

What the Unglamorous Side of Study Abroad Taught Me

I’ve been gallivanting around this beautiful planet posing as a study abroad student taking classes and writing papers for the past academic year, one semester in England and one in Argentina (where I… Continue reading