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Overworked. Underpaid.

I am two people right now. Split between a constant feeling of having a deep pit in your stomach from fear of not having finished something. Until that pit is anxiousness and for… Continue reading

Cheating the Textbook System

The last flight of stairs, almost there. My fingertips find it hard to believe. With every step, there’s more pressure and they’re changing color. Five more steps, almost over. Loud tup, and the… Continue reading

Caravan I Do Care

A pair of legs that breathe in Strong feet that has cross endless borders Hands that have cultivated millions of trees For you to take away the fruit Traveling on the path of… Continue reading

More than a Hot Neighborhood

Maybe you don’t have to care about what goes on outside of your little bubble, whether that’s Gettysburg or your hometown. After all, ignorance is bliss. But while you find comfort in your… Continue reading

When Protest Doesn’t Quite Fit the Mold

White people protesting is powerful. It is a privilege to be guaranteed that someone will listen to us, as pointed out by Jerome Clarke in a piece about last year’s “Won’t Stand For Hate”… Continue reading

I’m Poor, You’re Rich

It started in ESL class when I haphazardly threw around one of my new Spanish phrases. “Dame tu dinero,” I joked to Maria*, one of the adult students I was teaching. She playfully… Continue reading

Selma is America

During my recent trip to Selma, Alabama, I was overwhelmed by the tangible evidence that blatant racism and segregation still exists. In a town where many had made great sacrifices to combat America’s… Continue reading

The Price I Didn’t Know I’d Pay

$255 textbook. $52 clicker. $150 fleece at Rosemont 310. $1000+ dues to a sorority. These are as much a part of Gettysburg life as Servo Thanksgiving, chicken finger Friday, and Springfest. Fitting into… Continue reading

39 Social Justice Books and Movies to Keep Your Brain Warm Over Winter Break!

A hodgepodge of books and movies, some serious, some funny that engage issues of social justice in a variety of ways. If you read or watch one, let us know what you think… Continue reading

Open Access

“Would you like to open a subscription to this journal?” “Download this article for $35.00.” “Sign up to receive access to this article.” During my summer research I saw a lot of these… Continue reading