Monthly Archive: October, 2018

Crumbling the “Oreo” Cookie

They will treat you as if you have come from an outer space planet. They will be amazed by how much you are different from others. People will make jokes about how much… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Candice Montenegro

This Friday, we’re honoring Candice Montenegro ’20, for her incredible work in the Gettysburg College Community. Candice is a junior from Los Angeles, and a double major in Psychology and Spanish/Latin American Caribbean… Continue reading

Attention Seeker

“Why are you such an attention seeker? What pain? Where’s the sorrow? You’re just an attention seeker!” I just sat there, in the bathroom on the ground alone. Cold, so cold, I’m so… Continue reading

More than a Hot Neighborhood

Maybe you don’t have to care about what goes on outside of your little bubble, whether that’s Gettysburg or your hometown. After all, ignorance is bliss. But while you find comfort in your… Continue reading