Fearless Friday: Class of 2018

We recognize all of the Gettysburg College graduates who will use what they learned and experienced over the past four years to fearlessly promote change, seek justice, and challenge inequality after leaving Gettysburg College. The following list contains the names of members of the Class of 2018 who have been recognized by other members of the campus community as leaders for change, and we are proud to claim these fearless and inspirational students as our own. We know, however, that we do not have everyone who deserves to be recognized listed below, so feel free to continue nominating your friends, peers, co-workers, students — any member of the Class of 2018 that you believe will go on to create positive change post-graduation. Nominations can be received either through comments at the bottom of this post or emailed to surgegettysburg@gmail.com.

Aimee Bosman
Alexa Laboy
Ali Lauro
Amy Ma
Ana Horowitz
Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock
Anika Jensen
Annette Aguilera-Gonzalez
Blair Cox
Bri O’Boyle
Caroline Lewis
Chentese Stewart-Garner
Claire Aljian
Daniella Snyder
Emma Korowotny
Isaac Hawkins
Jeffrey Lauck
Jenny Enos
Kathya López
Kelly Reymann
Laila Mufty
Laurel Downie
Lauren White
Luke Frigon
Maihan Wali
Marley Dizney Swanson
Melissa Lauro
Meghan O’Donnell
Michael DeLeon
Michael Mancino
Morgan Hubbard
Natalie Purinton
Olivia Simmet
Sarah Berkowitz
Sabrina D’Mello
QiQi Mei