Thank you, Jennifer McCary.

Today, Jennifer McCary, the Associate Dean for Violence Prevention and Resolution, Director of the Women’s Center, and the Title IX Coordinator, will be leaving Gettysburg College to assume a new position as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at her alma mater, Bowling Green State University. In her new role, she will be overseeing the Women’s Center, Multicultural Affairs, TRIO, Project Search, Title IX, and LGBTQA+ and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. This will be a significant change for Jennifer, who focuses most intensely on Title IX and Violence Prevention here at Gettysburg.

The new position at Bowling Green, which she will officially assume on January 2, 2018, is an exciting opportunity for Jennifer and her family. Both she and her husband are from Ohio, and they are looking forward to moving back home so that they can raise their children around family. Jennifer counts it as an additional blessing that she will be able to give back to her alma mater while continuing to do the work that she’s passionate about.

Jennifer has significantly improved Gettysburg’s commitment to social justice in her six and a half years here. She has developed programs like the Social Justice Institute and the Diversity Peer Educators that have become fixtures of student engagement at the College. She has also brought the national Green Dot program to campus. Jennifer hopes that she has been able to bring a safe and inclusive culture to Gettysburg College. Though there is still work to do, she recognizes that the culture now is better than it was when she arrived. Her goal, not just at Gettysburg but at Bowling Green, as well, is to work herself out of a job – one day, Jennifer hopes, there won’t be a need for the kind of response that she is trained to give.

Though she is looking forward to her new position, Jennifer will greatly miss the incredible students and colleagues that she has partnered with here. One of the best parts of her work, she says, is the close connection she has formed with Gettysburg students. Jennifer also credits Dean Julie Ramsey for allowing her to pursue opportunities that have shaped her career.

Reflecting on her time here, Jennifer said: “Gettysburg was absolutely necessary. I almost didn’t take the job here. When I interviewed here I saw too many obstacles, and once I got here, I knew why I was here. And it’s been challenging. Gettysburg has been challenging. It’s been challenging being a woman of color. But this has been the most gratifying career experience I’ve ever had. Not only have I grown professionally, but the people here who I met have changed me as a person. There was something about the Gettysburg experience that rounded me out and made me wiser, and more compassionate…I feel like a more whole person as a result of my experience here.”

Jennifer, we thank you for all that you have done at Gettysburg College. You have inspired us time and again to better our community, our world, and ourselves. We are lucky to have known you and to have benefitted from your incredible work. We will miss you more than words can say and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Thank you, Jennifer, for everything.