Fearless Friday: Haya Mohanna

In this week’s edition of Fearless Friday, SURGE is honoring Haya Mohanna for all of the work she has done in our community. She has received Fearless Friday recognition during her first year at Gettysburg College, and upon graduating this coming May 2017, we’d like to honor her again!

Haya was born in Gaza City, Palestine. She will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Economics, and has also completed a Business minor. Haya has been an active member of our campus community. She works as a student assistant at the Residential and First Year Programs Office. She has been a Peer Learning Associate for the Economics Department for two years, helping students to succeed in their microeconomics courses. Haya has also been very involved with the international community on campus. She participates in activities planned for the community, and works as an advocate for international students, ensuring that their concerns are heard and understood.

Over the last four years, Haya believes that she has gained the skills needed to objectively and critically think about social justice matters. She believes that it is valuable to “not have her actions led by her emotions,” because this has allowed her to be open-minded toward perspectives different from her own. Haya has also become more vocal about the issues that she’s passionate about, for example, environmental issues, social injustices toward ethnic communities, identity concerns, etc. Since she has such pride in her own national identity, she participates in presentations that teach others about Palestinian culture. She hopes that this encourages others to take pride in their own identity.

Haya is a dedicated and inspired student. Her family motivates her to live the best life that she can possibly live. Haya sees herself in a job that involves numbers and analysis. She’d like to be able to have projects that help with issues of unemployment and other social injustices in Palestine. She recognizes that as one grows throughout their life, one’s life perspective is constantly changing. Haya encourages others to embrace the changes that they see in their life, and to see the changes as motivation to grow and become a better person.

We wish you the best of luck, Haya!