Fearless Friday: Julie Schuldt & Hannah Dallman

In this week’s edition of Fearless Friday, SURGE is honoring Julie Schuldt and Hannah Dallman for all the work they have done in our community as well as working on Gettysburg College’s first “Study Abroad Symposium.”

Julie is a current senior here at Gettysburg College double majoring in Organization and Management Studies and Globalization Studies. She refers to herself as a “global citizen with no hometown.” Hannah Dallman is also a current senior from Fairfax, Virginia, with a major in Africana Studies and a minor in Educational Studies.

Both Julie and Hannah are highly involved on campus. Julie works as a tour guide for the Admissions Office, an Assistant Resident Life Coordinator, the Captain of the bullets Marching Band Drum Line, a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team, a Zumba teacher, as well as, a Global Leader of Gettysburg College. Hannah is a member of the Black Student Union, a tour guide and day host ambassador, the manager of the wrestling team, Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, a member of the Eisenhower Institute Women and Leadership Program, Global Leaders of Gettysburg College, and will be receiving a GLC Leadership Certificate.

Aside from being such active members of our campus community, Julie and Hannah decided to study abroad. Julie had the opportunity to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea. She found that she had the freedom to explore topics that most interested her, and created amazing friendships with people from all over the world. Hannah had the opportunity to study abroad twice, once in Durban South Africa, and again in Capetown, South Africa. She valued the different experiences she had while visiting each city. While studying abroad, she was able to reaffirm her passions with regard to education and human rights.

When they came back to Gettysburg College, Hannah and Julie believed that there should be more spaces available on campus to speak about study abroad experiences. Together, they organized the “Study Abroad Symposium” so that upperclassmen students could share their experiences with lowerclassmen students. They recognized that students should have exposure to the many abroad opportunities available on campus early on in their college career. It is important that students consider how each country adds value to the world and that their understanding of the world can grow tremendously when studying abroad.

Both ladies aspire to be fearless leaders in the workspace. Julie is looking forward to joining corporations while establishing empathy that ripples into fighting for social justice issues. Hannah is looking forward to working with Teach for America to influence children within the education sphere and to be an ally in the classroom.

Hannah and Julie would like to thank the Center for Global Education, the Office of Multicultural Engagement, International Student Services, the Garthwait Leadership Center, Professor Williams, and all volunteers for contributing to the “Study Abroad Symposium.”

Thank you Julie and Hannah for all the work you’ve done for the campus community!