Fearless Friday: Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock

This week, SURGE is highlighting the fearless work of Andeulazia Hughes-Murdock ’18. Andeulazia, originally from Chantilly, Virginia, is a junior at Gettysburg College and majors in Spanish/Latin American Studies. As a dedicated member of the campus community, Andeulazia sought a variety of leadership opportunities, and is currently the PanHellenic President, President of the Class of 2018, and the Program Coordinator for the Center for Public Service at Sherfy Farm, as well as, the Campus Manager for University Tees. With these leadership roles, Andeulazia hopes to “help lay the foundation to bring about changes that need to happen, such as making the Greek community on campus more representative of different cultural backgrounds.” She wants to ensure that everyone on this campus is comfortable with sharing their experiences and joining new spaces. 

Andeulazia was really moved and enlightened by her abroad experiences in Chile during the fall semester of her junior year. It became clearer to her that the racism, sexism and marginalization experienced by some students on campus are so closely related to existing social structures in the rest of the world. She came back to Gettysburg this semester eager to challenge the minds of her peers, and ensure that black women “who are really contributing to the success of this campus will have their voices heard and respected.”

Her mother, who also attended Gettysburg College, inspired her to advance the knowledge of and activism concerning inclusivity so that future generations will feel welcome in this space that many of us consider home. Andeulazia is ready to take on the world by challenging systems that aim to hinder social progression.

We wish you luck, Andeulazia, and thank you for all of your wonderful work!