In this week’s edition of Fearless Friday, SURGE is pleased to honor the work of Michael Deleon ‘18.

Michael is a originally from Philadelphia, PA, and is a current junior here at Gettysburg College, majoring in Sociology. On campus, he serves as the President of both the Black Student Union (BSU) and VIBE, a fusion dance group that he founded. Michael is also involved with the Bias Response Team and works as a Residence Coordinator.

Michael is particularly proud of his involvement with BSU and VIBE. When he first joined BSU, he never imagined that he would be in a leadership role, let alone that he would be President. But his friends encouraged him to push himself, and he is thrilled to be so involved in this organization because it has given him many chances to meet new people and has opened his eyes to new experiences. His dance group, VIBE, is also incredibly important to him; Michael loves that he and the other members of VIBE are able to promote cultural diversity through dance by appealing to multiple genres of music that may not be within what is considered “mainstream.”

Much of Michael’s motivation comes from current events occurring in the United States and around the world. He hopes to help open the dialogue around social justice issues. Michael knows that in order to for change to occur, people need to be prepared to encounter difficult matters of injustice and have conversations about them. It can be easy here at Gettysburg, he acknowledges, to be ignorant of global and national issues; Michael admits that when he came to Gettysburg, he was not as culturally conscious as he could have been. He knows, however, that his time here has helped him gain awareness, and he wants to encourage others to engage in this kind of growth as well.

Michael loves being an advocate for social justice here at Gettysburg College. “It’s work,” he notes, “but it’s worth it.”

Thank you, Michael, for all that you have done for the campus community!