In this week’s edition of Fearless Friday, SURGE is honoring all of the amazing work that Julie Davin ’17 does for our community.

Julie, originally from Newtown, Connecticut, is currently a senior at Gettysburg College majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and minoring in English and Philosophy. Over the course of her college career, Julie has been involved with the Gettysburg Anti-Capitalist Collective (GACC), Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA), Outerspace (formerly Friend or Foe), SURGE, Gettysburg Cares, and the annual Vagina Monologues. This long list of activities does not faze Julie; she cares deeply about each and every cause and is glad to have time to dedicate to them.

“Justice is a long time coming, and we need to make things ok for people who have the whole world working against them … myself included.”

Julie’s involvement with these organizations really began with her First Year Seminar (FYS), the Literature of Homelessness in America seminar taught by Professor Fee. Designed in collaboration with the Center for Public Service, this FYS offers experiential education through Service-Learning projects. Students participate in regular service commitments in the local community throughout the semester, through organizations like Gettysburg Cares. This experience showed her that you can’t just acknowledge that there are issues in the world, but you need to get your hands dirty to get things moving. It all starts with you.

“When money runs the world, compassion cannot.”

Professor Seller’s Native American Women class had just as large of an impact on Julie’s involvement in social justice campaigns. The class opened her eyes to some hard truths; the world we live in runs on money and is based in exploitation and the idea of empires. Capitalist societies need there to be a class of people who have next to nothing for those at the top to succeed. Julie was compelled to join GACC after this revelation; she wanted to stop what she saw as an anti-just component of our society. This semester, GACC plans to encourage meaningful dialogue for students who are voting for the first time.

“Everyone must be a role model.”

Julie never stops advocating for those in marginalized groups. Whether she is encouraging queer discourse on campus with Outerspace, participating in SASA’s 14 Days to end Domestic Violence, calling out friends who say problematic things, or even working on her capstone, Julie feels that she must keep fighting injustice. She plans on continuing her work after graduation with Survivors or a similar non-profit organization that will allow her to work personally with marginalized people.

“When you’re not thinking about ending forms of oppression, you’re contributing to them.”

Thank you, Julie, for all of the work that you have done for the campus community!