This week, SURGE is pleased to feature Taylor Bury ’16 as Gettysburg’s Fearless Leader!

Taylor is a senior at Gettysburg College. She is a Biology Major from York, Pennsylvania. She has been involved with Student Senate since her first year on campus, rising through the ranks to serve as its President. She also works as a Peer Learning Assistant for the Biology and Environmental Science Departments and is an active member of the Student Life committee, where faculty and students discuss bias policies and alcohol policies as they relate to campus. In addition to all of that, Taylor works on Campus Activities Board’s senate committee, a committee that aims to keep the conversation of race relations on campus in the public sphere and to examine tactics that aim for more inclusive events. Taylor is also a dedicated member of Greek Life as a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

Taylor explains that her ability to stay motivated started off as a personal challenge. She feels as though she started off shy when she began college, and during freshman year she wondered if she would have the courage to get involved during her time here. Taylor has certainly proved that she does. By understanding how Student Senate works and the kind of impact that it has on campus, Taylor decided that she wanted to get involved with it to change things for the better. She has been able to pursue her passion for making positive change by using her listening skills in conjunction with her compassion for help others. She firmly believes that all students should have as enjoyable a college experience as possible and she does what she can to make that happen through her leadership roles on campus. 

Her next step after graduating from Gettysburg is to head to dental school at the University of Maryland, a career path that she knows will one day lead to running her own practice. Taylor knows that this position will require her to be a positive role model and leader, and therefore has built up her leadership skills during her undergraduate education to prepare for this. While she doesn’t consider herself “fearless” per se, she describes thinks that someone that overcomes fear in order to open new doors and embrace new experiences is fearless; in other words, for Taylor “it’s not the absence of fear, it is overcoming it.”

Thank you Taylor for all your great work!