SURGE is honored to feature Kelsey DeRaffele ’16 for Fearless Friday!

Kelsey is a senior Sociology major. She’s originally from Golden’s Bridge, NY and has spent her time at Gettysburg College getting as involved as she can. Kelsey was the president for the Autism Speaks club for three years. She also volunteers at Campus Kitchen on a regular basis, has served both as the Philanthropy Chair and Secretary of her sorority, and is currently involved with an internship for Survivors Inc., a women’s organization. In the summer of 2015 Kelsey founded her own philanthropy project called The Difference Project. The Difference Project focuses on collecting stories that embrace differences, no matter how big or small, in order to promote the idea of inclusivity.

Kelsey became passionately involved with non-profit organizations in high school. She participated in the Midnight Run, wherein students travel to NYC and give food to homeless citizens. From there, Kelsey was constantly inspired by her parents to pursue charity work; they encouraged the idea that giving back is the most important thing that a person can do. One of Kelsey’s closest childhood friends had Williams Syndrome, but that never stopped him from succeeding in a plethora of tasks and activities. She was inspired by her friend, her parents, and her experience with Midnight Run to continue actively participating in the realm of non-profit charity work.

After graduation, Kelsey hopes to join an organization that focuses on helping others. Particularly, she would like to partner with companies that host galas and events to support various charities. One day Kelsey hopes to start her very own non-profit organization that focuses on celebrating difference, no matter what that difference may be. She is definitely on her way to achieving that goal.

Thanks for being a Fearless Leader, Kelsey!