Samantha Lee ’16 is SURGE’s Fearless Friday leader for this week!

Sam is a Psychology Major with a minor in Religion. Her home is not too far from Gettysburg, just up the way on route 15 in Mechanicsburg. Her graduation is right around the corner, as she’s a senior graduating early in December.

Here at Gettysburg, she is a program coordinator for CPS, works as a PLA and a research assistant for the psychology department, is an active member of APO, and also participates in the College Democrats club. Sam started to get involved her sophomore year. One of the first things she participated in was Big Brothers Big Sisters, which sparked her passion for helping others. She began later on to get involved with CPS and went on an immersion trip that focused on the Civil Rights movement in Alabama. What inspired her to go on this trip was the Random Acts of Theater Company (RATCo) that visited Gettysburg a few years ago. This group consists of students from Selma, Alabama that showed what it meant to be yourself freely and to be kind to others. She was able to learn about the nuances of the the Civil Rights Movement in a more intimate way than simply through a history course, she had the opportunity to talk to people that participated in the movement, and was shown how students like her fueled the movement itself. Realizing that students have the power to make a difference helped Sam realize how work she does is important; hence, helping to drive her to be a Program Coordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Equality and passion are what drive Sam. She knows that as a person from a privileged position, it is her duty to help those around her who are in need, whatever that capacity may be. To quote Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” These are the words that inspire Sam to be her best on a daily basis and will most definitely help her in her next job, working for the RATCo starting in January.

Thanks Sam for making it your mission to be kind and encouraging others to do the same!