FEARLESS FRIDAY: Chentese Stewart-Garner

This week, SURGE is proud to showcase the wonderful work of Chentese Stewart-Garner!

Chentese is a sociology major with a minor in education. She’s a sophomore and originally hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently, Chentese is the program coordinator for the Black Student Union, serves as the public relations liaison for the African Student Association, is a Diversity Peer Educator on campus, and works hard as a Career Outreach Assistant for the Center for Career Development.

Chentese dove right into getting involved the moment she stepped on campus. Right off the bat, she knew she wanted to get involved with social justice issues, specifically groups that dealt with issues surrounding race. There is always room for growth when it comes to educating others about racial issues on the Gettysburg campus, and Chentese recognizes that. With her passion for teaching in conjunction with striving to resolve social justice issues, Chentese is a vital resource for diversity education. Through her work as a Diversity Peer Educator, for example, she’s able to help various groups on campus expand their understanding of the issues of race that students experience on-campus and in the world as a whole.

Sometimes it’s hard for others to articulate their motivations, but Chentese was quick and eloquent in explaining that her family keeps her motivated, specifically her mother and grandmother. They have always been there for her , even as they’ve worked through struggles of their own.

In the future, Chentese knows she wants to help others. To be more specific, she is interested in being a college access mentor for inner-city kids. She is dedicated to paving the way for future generations from minority or disenfranchised backgrounds. As Chentese explains, it’s always helpful for a student in a minority group to have someone in your corner. Her passion is driven by the idea of helping students from backgrounds similar to her own have the opportunity of getting an education. She’s a driven thinker who knows the future can only change if one takes action now. With this in mind, Chentese, with two more years left on campus, is excited and eager to make a difference on campus and in the world.

Thanks Chentese!