FEARLESS FRIDAY: Elizabeth Belair

In this week’s episode of Fearless Friday, SURGE is excited to honor Elizabeth Belair!

Elizabeth Belair is a senior at Gettysburg College. Originally from Camden, Maine, Elizabeth has established herself well here on campus. When she initially came to college, she was unsure what she would end up majoring in. Now, she’s a passionate Globalization Studies major with a minor in Spanish.

During her first year, Elizabeth ended up going on a trip to Nicaragua through the Center for Public Service (CPS). Not knowing this trip would be the catalyst for her cultivation of a globalization mindset, she gradually began to step into various roles in CPS where she realized the extent to which Gettysburg, a small rural town in Pennsylvania, is connected with the town of Léon in Nicaragua. She ended up conducting the trip to Léon her sophomore year and enjoyed it immensely, further fueling her passion for pursuing globalization studies. After returning from a year abroad, Elizabeth returned to her role as a CPS coordinator. She is especially inspired by the two pillars that the Léon project is based upon: cultural exchange and sustainable development.

When asked what motivates her, Elizabeth simply responds “Others.” She explains that when she did community service in high school, it was mainly as a means to look good on college applications. It wasn’t until coming to Gettysburg that Elizabeth’s drive for helping others was sparked. Her passion for inspiring and helping others is what keeps her going.

In terms of future plans, Elizabeth explains she would like to work with some sort of NGO, or non-governmental organization. In other words, something that is in the realm of non-profit and community-based. Beyond that, she is toying with the idea of going to law school in order to specialize in immigration law. Overall, Elizabeth is a perfect embodiment of what it means to follow one’s passion; and this is the idea Elizabeth hopes to spread to others. If you find yourself ardently inspired by a certain realm, be it community service, mathematics, or performance art, you should follow it. While it may seem cliché to plainly state “Follow your heart,” it certainly has a lot of truth to it; to dedicate oneself to a deeply-rooted passion is the best thing one can do. Elizabeth is a great testament to that idea.

Thank you Elizabeth for all your great work!