FEARLESS FRIDAY: Peter Rosenberger

In this week’s Fearless Friday, SURGE would like to honor the work of Peter Rosenberger ‘16!

Peter is a Philosophy and English double major with a concentration in writing. Growing up a few hours from campus, Peter calls Huntingdon, Pennsylvania his home.

When it comes to clubs and activities on campus, there are few things that Peter isn’t involved with. He works in the admissions office as a tour guide, in Residence Life as a Resident Coordinator for Hanson Hall, and with the English department as a Peer Learning Assistant. Peter is also a Mahan Fellow for the Philosophy department. Outside of work and classes, he is a member of the Owl and Nightingale players, the Gettysburg College Choir, and the Idea Council at Gettysburg College.

He started to get involved on campus during his time as a First-Year, but says things really kicked off his sophomore year when he became more heavily involved in Residence Life as an RA and in Admissions as a tour guide. In other words, Peter is involved in such a plethora of activities because of his passion to bring about positive change; he doesn’t let himself settle for mediocrity but instead drives to inspire others and help students become the best versions of themselves. This is evident through his work as an RC in Hanson as he supports and mentors First-Year residents and staff, as well as through his membership in the Idea Council where he advocates for the college to have a deeper focus on diversity and inclusion.

Peter understands how college can be insane, especially for those First-Years just arriving to campus. Between classes that aren’t at a high-school level anymore, moving away from home for the first time, and trying to navigate through an entirely new social sphere, college proves itself to be quite overwhelming for many. That’s why his compassion, empathy, and positive attitude are so valuable when working in Residence Life. It’s easy to see how much Peter cares about others, at a community level and beyond. 

Another skill Peter utilizes to bring about change is his critical thinking skills. When examining a situation or a question, Peter makes sure it’s “really been through the ringer” in terms of analysis and comprehension. If it’s a discussion in class or an issue with a resident, Peter makes sure he looks at the question and situation from every possible angle in order to come up to the best possible conclusion or truth. This sort of skepticism and dedication to critical thinking serves Peter well when it comes to helping others become their best selves.

When asked about his future plans, Peter shares that he would like attend graduate school for Philosophy and eventually become a professor. As of now, however, he is looking into taking a year off before applying to graduate school to work with Teach for America or City Year. He does know for sure that he wants to be an in close proximity to a college or a similar environment where learning and growing are happening.

In sum, Peter urges others to be willing to question things, even if those questions lead to difficult or possibly uncomfortable conversations. He wants others to be brave in pursuing topics that may cause discomfort, as long as the goal is to change the community for the better.

Thanks, Peter, for being a model Fearless Leader!