This week, SURGE is showcasing the fabulous Fergan Imbert ‘16 for Fearless Friday!

Fergan is a senior at Gettysburg studying Biology with a pre-med concentration.

Fergan and his bright smile can be found all over campus. He’s currently the residence coordinator for Patrick Hall and the new senior admissions intern for the admissions office. He also works in the campus bookstore, is part of the senior class gift committee, and shows off his dance skills through B.O.M.B. squad.

Fergan has a knack for interacting with others. He is able to make connections throughout campus with all kinds of students. In his job as the senior admissions intern, Fergan is proud to give incoming students an authentic representation of Gettysburg; in other words, he can answer the otherwise uncomfortable questions potential students can have. Not only that, but Fergan is able to have in-depth conversations with potential students during interviews he hosts with them. Though these incoming students he meets with are still in high school, he says he’s able to see how kids are passionate about making changes before reaching college. Besides fostering constructive conversations with potential new students, Fergan is able to have a large role in admitting potential students by reading over applications, a large role to have as a student.

By getting involved with on so much on campus, Fergan says he has been able to figure out what he wants to do at the end of his senior year: go to grad school to get a masters in bio-medical sciences. While B.O.M.B. squad, residence life, and working at the bookstore don’t necessarily relate to bio-medical research, it’s helped solidify for him his love of science.

Fergan’s passion and drive are based in his family and friends. He is a first-generation American and aims to show that children of immigrants can conquer anything. In addition to that, Fergan has made it a goal to surround himself with friends that are positive and supportive; through their support Fergan is able to stay motivated.

When wondering how to become a Fearless Leader like Fergan, take his advice and get involved with as much as possible. Find out what you like, find out what you don’t like, and aim to do what makes you motivated.

Thanks Fergan for being a great role model!