Monthly Archive: October, 2015


This week, SURGE is showcasing the fabulous Fergan Imbert ‘16 for Fearless Friday! Fergan is a senior at Gettysburg studying Biology with a pre-med concentration. Fergan and his bright smile can be found… Continue reading

Own Your Experience

This is a computer-generated message from the Campus Navigation Portal (CNAV), which can be accessed via the URL: Campus Navigation Portal (CNAV). It was sent to you to inform you of a significant… Continue reading


Today is Fearless Friday and we’re honoring the magnificent Jerome Clarke ’17! Originally from Philadelphia, (aka the “city of Bromance”), Jerome is currently a Junior at Gettysburg College and is involved in countless… Continue reading

To ID or Not to ID

“And now can I have the last four digits of your Social? Then we’ll both know each other.”    A cloud of anger swept over me. I glanced up from my computer, blinked,… Continue reading

FEARLESS FRIDAY: Jasmine Santana

In this week’s Fearless Friday piece, SURGE would like to spotlight Jasmine Santana ’16! Jasmine is a currently a senior IDS major who focuses on socio-linguistics. In other words, she critically analyzes the… Continue reading

The White Screen

There was laughter all around me, and I couldn’t help but join in. I was at the orphanage, playing ball with a bunch of kids in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Despite being a little… Continue reading

Backed by a Bullet

Northern Arizona University and Texas Southern University’s school shootings popped up on my newsfeed. “We had two more school shootings today,” I text to my friend in Canada. “What the literal fuck,” she… Continue reading


In this week’s Fearless Friday, SURGE would like to feature the wonderful Beau Charles ’17!   Beau Charles is currently a junior at Gettysburg and is majoring in English while minoring in Women, Gender, and… Continue reading

Message from the President (of BSU)

Last night as a couple of my friends scrambled to find a classroom to do work in, they came across a poster that has been plastered all around campus for weeks now. This… Continue reading

The Scars of Stigma

“I do”: two words that conclude the plot lines to hundreds of romantic movies. Two words that Hollywood has imprinted in our minds as the culmination of true love – words that children… Continue reading