In this week’s Fearless Friday, we would like to spotlight Kaiden Krueger ’16!

Gettysburg College has been Kaiden’s home for the last few years. Kaiden, now a senior, knew from the start that his time at college would be transformative. He decided he was officially going to come out as a man and live the life he knew was right for him.

Being a transgender person is far from easy, as one faces relentless discrimination and oppression in all different ways. Kaiden, however, was not discouraged by these hurdles and made a point to not only live the life that he deserved, but to inspire others to do the same as well. While on campus, Kaiden has been an active member of many organizations. From serving as the president of the Allies club, to being a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, to recently starting his job at the LGBTQA and Women’s Resource Center, Kaiden is all but an idle Gettysburg student. In addition to his work involving educational programming that focuses on LGBTQA issues, Kaiden also serves as the Co-President of CHEERS. All this, and he still finds time to be a successful Sociology major.

Kaiden’s motivation to push for education on LGBTQA issues comes from his own experience in observing differences inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. He highlighted that education, while prevalent inside the classrooms, needs to be pushed outwardly, in a social sense; that is, many students coming to college may not know the full extent of LGBTQA topics and may not have access to certain tools for LGBTQA enlightenment. Kaiden, fully aware of these walls, made it his goal from day one to make education on these issues not only accessible, but encouraging and easy to understand.  His focus is always helping others, whether by helping a student understand proper pronoun usage or by letting a new student that feels out-of-place and alone that it’s okay to be him/her/themselves in college.

Education and the pursuit of helping others is what drives Kaiden to be a valuable community member and a Fearless Leader. While he may not know where his path will take him once he walks across the stage at graduation, he knows it will involve helping others. Social work, perhaps? At any rate, no matter where Kaiden goes, his inspirational spirit and hard work will surely change lives. He has already done this at Gettysburg by working on education panels for Greek life and helping get preferred names on campus IDs. He has no fears of being who he is in the face of discrimination on and off-campus, making him a powerful role-model to those who may be hesitant and scared to do the same.

Thank you, Kaiden, for being Fearless!