FEARLESS FRIDAY: Rebecca Borovsky

Rebecca Borovsky is a shining example of what it means to be a fearless leader. A member of the Class of 2016, she has made her mark on the Gettysburg campus and inspires not just students but her professors and coworkers as well. Rebecca found herself eager to make the most of her time here at Gettysburg College when she arrived just three years ago. An Organization and Management Studies Major (with a Business Minor), Rebecca is a fiercely loyal community member who embodies the definition of leadership. When asked what made her want to study OMS she stated that she enjoys learning about the levels of interaction our society has world-wide; she sees the levels of connections civilization is based upon and focuses on the big picture in conjunction with the small details. Rebecca, always thinking outwardly, has found herself relating her passion for interaction with the business world to her extensive work as an employee for a non-profit organization in her hometown.

On campus, Rebecca wears plenty of hats. She has worked with Hillel, the on-campus group that seeks to build a close-knit community for Jewish students, for the past few years and is now currently its Co-President. Additionally, she has held various positions for the Campus Activities Board and is currently the Co-Chair for Special Events. On top of her involvement in these organizations, she volunteers at the Painted Turtle Farm. And last but not least, she is the 2015 Student Orientation Coordinator for Residential and First-Year Programs.

While serving on CAB as both the President (at one time) and the Attic Coordinator (at another) Rebecca learned she could take her interest in human interaction to a different scene: student affairs. Between planning nighttime events for The Attic to booking various entertainment gigs for on-campus enjoyment and more, Rebecca wanted to make sure all students on campus could look forward to the weekend. With this experience in event-planning and her background in management studies, Rebecca delved into student affairs full-on when she applied to the Student Orientation Coordinator position.

The Student Orientation Coordinator job is a big commitment to take on. It demands not only hard-work and dedication, but compassion and the willingness to go above and beyond. While some were vacationing at the beach with families or hosting barbeques, Rebecca was diligently putting together the plans for the Class of 2019’s Orientation. There was not one facet related to Orientation that Rebecca wasn’t either coordinating or overseeing. She designed and ordered shirts, put together backpacks for the incoming First-Years, went to countless meetings and spoke with Gettysburg faculty and staff members.

What drove her to become the Orientation Coordinator? Her love of people and her passion to make connections. Rebecca never ceases to seek new ways to not only see Gettysburg in a bigger context but to make sure others see the institution in different ways as well. Whether it’s volunteering at the farm or if it’s talking to an incoming First-Year about the Student Dashboard, Rebecca and her many hats have cemented her into the fearless leader we see today. While pursuing a passion can be scary, Rebecca embodies the definition of “Gettysburg Great.” And now, she embodies what it means to be a “Fearless Leader.”