Monthly Archive: April, 2015

Fearless Friday: Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey Chapman ’15 fearlessly advocates for human rights, peace, and justice, focusing on the Middle East. An economics major and Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) minor, Kelsey is the house leader for… Continue reading

Social Mania

Ten. That’s the total number of times I’ve checked Facebook and Instagram within the past hour alone. Ashamedly, it’s become a sort of compulsive habit. No matter what I’m doing, turning on my… Continue reading

Object to Your Affection

Recently a guy in one of my classes defended objectification of women on the grounds that if he cares for a girl, he will treat her like he treats his most treasured objects;… Continue reading

A Meal for the Man On the Redline

These words will bite,  Acid bubbling At the pit of your bowels Vowels volatile won’t Be easy to swallow. Bring your heirloom silverware. Cut at the crux Of your tangled roots and Maybe… Continue reading


As we conclude PRIDE Week, we honor Erin Duran, the fearless director of LGBTQA Advocacy and Education. In Erin’s three years at Gettysburg, he has established institutional support for the LGBTQA community and… Continue reading

When You Can’t Quite Place Me

I’m relatively used to being asked the question “what are you?” It’s a strange question because it can mean so many different things. I’m a human? I identify as a female. I’m a… Continue reading

White People Tears

Many students on the Gettysburg College campus were posed the question: what would your reaction be if the OU SAE scandal had occurred here? By and far, people responded: Unsurprised. Talk about high… Continue reading