Fearless Friday: Justina Molokwu

Justina Molokwu ’17 has been fearlessly involved on campus in her first two years at Gettysburg contributing to the College’s goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion. A Psychology and Organization and Management Studies double major and a writing minor, the list of Molokwu’s extracurricular involvement is impressive: Diaspora House house leader, Diversity Peer Educator, Vice President of GASA, and Career Development Liaison for BSU. In addition, she works at the Den, with Residence Life, for the Psychology Department, with the Women’s Center, and is a member of the Gettysburg Cheerleading squad.

Justina’s enthusiasm and hard work was noticed early on by Professor Brian Meier, who asked her to be a research assistant in the psychology department the spring of her first year. Her passion for change was what motivated her to get involved on campus. In order to prepare herself, Justina started learning more about issues of diversity and equity and how she could contribute on campus.  She developed her leadership abilities, and soon began organizing events and participating in clubs, making her mark on the campus.


  As the house leader of D-House, Justina is in charge of planning a minimum of four events. Last semester, she had what she called “a very successful semester,” after organizing eight events, twice the amount expected. One of the things she is most proud of is the discussion series that aims to educate students on the history of the African Diaspora.

  Justina says the work that she does is very personal to her. She identifies closely with the values and goals of the groups she’s involved with and enjoys actively working towards achieving some of the solutions on campus. In her last two years at Gettysburg, Justina hopes to slow down in some areas and pick up in others, now that she has found out what she is most passionate about. She particularly wants to put more effort and focus into DPE, GASA, and D-House, helping to increase these organizations’ impact on campus.

  While Justina initially wanted to pursue a degree in industrial organizational psychology, her campus involvements has directed her towards a more fulfilling career path. She wants to use her education to work towards her goals adding that there is still so much to be done in regards to equity and inclusion. She is hoping to pursue a PhD in social psychology to do research on prejudice and racial and ethnic identity. She is interested in how society views different identities and how social interactions between identities perpetuate inequalities in society.

Justina was “very surprised” for being selected as this week’s Fearless Friday, however, it is easy to see that her hard work, passion, and dedication made her an ideal candidate. We commend  Justina’s on her work to continuously impact and improve the campus community.

The next event in the discussion series will be held on Wednesday, February 18th with Professor McKinley Melton from 5:00-6:30 at D-House (223 Carlisle St).