Monthly Archive: November, 2014

The Pursuit of Advil and Blow Pops

“Excuse me sir, where’s the Advil?” I ask politely as I walk, for the first time, into the Quik Mart across the street from the Colonial Hall apartments. “Over there.” A middle-aged Indian man… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Sean Pethybridge

Talking with Sean Pethybridge ’15, one could easily assume his interest in agriculture and food justice developed at a very young age. Sean confesses that he had very limited knowledge prior to attending… Continue reading

A Difference of Appearance

Appearance can seem like it’s everything. My father is from California; his parents are from Mexico and El Salvador. He has tan skin and dark hair and is bilingual in English and Spanish.… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Erin O’Connor

For fearless Friday, Surge would like to commend Silent Leader Award recipient, Erin O’Connor. The Silent Leader Award was given this year in memory of Emily Silverstein ’11, a passionate member of the… Continue reading

Cannons To Canon

I’ll never forget the first moment, I truly realized who Batman was. No, I’m not talking about (SARCASTIC SPOILER ALERT) his alternate identity as Bruce Wayne, but instead his depth as a character,… Continue reading

The Other N Word

As we waited for a ride, I noticed my friend’s shirt. It looked strange and disjointed. It was white and black and looked like cut up picture of a contorted woman. Taken aback,… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Friend or FOE

Friend or FOE, a recent addition to our campus offers queer students and their allies an opportunity to connect more socially and establish a mutual understanding of their experiences on campus. The group… Continue reading

Freeing Nemo

Floating on the surface of the water, I observe the life teeming below me. The waves were carrying my body further and further into the beautiful reef; but all I was conscious of… Continue reading

Rethink #

Watching anyone struggle with mental health disorders should never be funny- and yet, in some instances, that’s exactly how it is viewed. Recently, celebrity Amanda Bynes was involuntarily committed to psychiatric hold for… Continue reading