Fearless: Gettysburg’s Environmental Concerns Organization (GECO)

Gettysburg’s Environmental Concerns Organization (GECO)  fearlessly advocates for environmental change, promotes awareness and encourages better sustainability practices on our campus, and the world around us.

Last weekend, 19 students from Gettysburg joined the People’s Climate March in New York City. With over 400,000 people – four times the number expected – this was the largest march for environment change in history. Junior Jolina Kenney was instrumental in planning the trip. As an Environmental Science major, She became involved with GECO “as an extension of her interest in the environment.” With the help of professor Lane, Jolina and the GECO team connected with a group of committed students and prepared for the march. This year’s environmental march coincided with the UN Climate Conference, which took place on Tuesday in New York City. The march attempted to draw attention to the magnitude of people who are passionate about climate change, and convince leaders that people believe it is a significant issue.


This is one of few ways in which GECO and its members show their passion for environmental sustainability and awareness. Two years ago, GECO members attended the XL Pipeline protest ran by 350.org in Washington, D.C.

In addition, GECO uses their weekly meetings to talk about relevant issues as they pertain to the environment and how they can be addressed on campus, and the community. In addition, GECO promotes Sustainability Week every year in April. During the week, they plan multiple events including lectures, movie screenings, food tasting, talks, forums, and more. SpringFest was also initially meant to support environmental concerns. One of GECO’s challenges is gaining support and spreading awareness in the college community. “I wish that more people get involved, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t know about Sustainability Week,” said Jolina.

Other GECO outreach efforts have been raising awareness about the excessive misuse of paper signified by the stacks of paper in Musselman Library, raising awareness about water use, labeling of organic food in Servo, and a weekly column in The Gettysburgian.

GECO meets Wednesdays at 7:00 PM in Plank 112- stop by to learn more about their advocacy for environmental change!