Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Fearless: Professor Hakim Williams

With his consistently energetic and enthusiastic personality, his progressive teaching methods using discussion and debate in the classroom, and his desire for his students to develop more comprehensive understandings of the problems facing… Continue reading

Because I am

Why? “Because I am a Republican!” Why? “Because I am a Democrat!” Why? “Because I am a Christian!” Why? In America, religion and politics are not merely taboo dinner topics; it is strongly… Continue reading

A Confession of a Blonde Asian Girl

I never realized I was an Asian. Nor was I aware I was from South Korea. The thought of identifying myself as Asian was redundant for I was, indeed, from Asia where Asian… Continue reading

Fearless: Emily Hauck

Beginning with an interest in Spanish language that led her to Argentina and Spain, Emily decided to use the language skills she acquired during her gap year after high school and time spent… Continue reading

Maybe I’m the Problem

Being raised in the United States, I internalized racist, sexist, transphobic, heterosexist, classist, ableist, and faithist ways of thinking. And by this, I do not simply mean that I was taught to hate… Continue reading

I’ve Seen The Promised Land: A Letter To Amelia Boynton Robinson

Dear Mrs. Robinson,   You asked if I had any thoughts or comments at the end of our visit, and I stood and said nothing. I opened my mouth, but instead of giving you… Continue reading