Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Our Gendered Food Chain

“They said farmworker women were talking about the fields as the fils de calzón, or ‘fields of panties,’. They referred to the fields as the ‘green motel.’” – U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission… Continue reading

Fearless: Melissa Rich

Consistently striving to take what she learns in the classroom and apply it to her life, whether in terms of her interest in Native American issues or her passion for animals and desire… Continue reading

Challenging Homelessness

I had been homeless for about 28 hours. I sat on a sidewalk in Georgetown with a friend holding a cardboard sign that read, “Put a Smile on Our Faces” with a Dunkin… Continue reading

Down at the Cross

For the first thirteen years of my familial life, I walked a block to devoutly pray to statues with open arms, promising open gates- my radiant mother walking with once thin father, hand… Continue reading

Fearless: Kaleigh Sosa

Fearlessly organizing events on campus addressing issues of sexual assault, serving the campus community by raising awareness of gender, bias, and violence issues, and helping first-years and sophomores as part of Residence Life… Continue reading

Twice As Likely To…

TRIGGER WARNING! I am white. I am bisexual. I am female. I have been sexually assaulted. Three times. Once during my freshman year at Gettysburg College. I’d met him a few hours before.… Continue reading

What I’ve Learned to Expect

“Hey bitch!” someone yelled. “Biiitttch!” I heard again from the car. Music blared from inside. I pretended not to notice. Don’t give them the satisfaction, I thought. Don’t do something you’ll regret. So… Continue reading

Fearless: Sexual Assault Survivors

TRIGGER WARNING! Raped, abused, molested, assaulted. Every other day on this campus. Grabbed, touched, hit, down. Not a person. Skirt going down, shirt coming up. Led behind locked doors, poured another drink. “Not… Continue reading

To Empathize with an Enemy

I do not like to talk about my time in Sierra Leone, but I think I’m ready to start. Growing up in Sierra Leone was probably the best thing that ever happened to… Continue reading

The Strong Silent Type

Speak up. Be assertive. Lean in. Take up space. However it’s said, there is a stream of discourse telling women that we should be louder and prouder in order to succeed. As the… Continue reading