Fearless: Bruce Larson and Alice Carter

This Monday, Professor of political science and public policy, Bruce Larson, Assistant Director of Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations, and Technology, Alice Carter, and daughter Lily Larson will be leaving for a semester in Beijing, China. Professor Larson will be joining the ranks of Gettysburg College’s Fulbright recipients, teaching two courses at the China Foreign Affairs University while conducting his research. 

The Fulbright Program is an initiative funded by Congress through the US Department of State. It was first begun in 1946 by then-senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas. Participants are chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential. Once chosen, they work to facilitate  an international cultural exchange between the US and other countries. The program gives out roughly 8,000 grants every year and in providing such opportunities, Fulbright helps to develop and promote cross-cultural understanding.


This is not the Larson family’s first trip to China. Eleven years ago, their daughter Lily, was adopted from China and the family has since returned several times to learn about her roots.  Doing work in orphanages around Beijing will help the whole family to better understand her background and share with other families how much Lily’s adoption has meant to them.

This week we would also like to shout out to the group of incoming first-years participants and current student facilitators from Gettysburg Recreational Adventure Board (GRAB) and the Center for Public Service (CPS) who will set out today on Ascent trips. The trips kick off the arrival of the Class of 2017 and the students participating in them will spend a week getting to know one another while also looking beyond themselves as individuals and learning to respect different perspectives, whether in the wilderness or among the homeless in Washington D.C.