Fearless: Nadejiah Towns

This week we would like to recognize Nadejiah Towns ’15 as a fearless fighter against poverty. This summer she has served as a Heston intern for the South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP) and has spent the majority of her time with the Work Ready program, a “welfare to work” organization that helps low-income community members gain the skills needed to  by obtaining a reliable, professional job and become self-sufficient.


Along with assisting the Work Ready coordinator, Debi Little, on a daily basis, Nadejiah has taken the initiative to devise a new vocational education lesson plan that will not only be useful to the Work Ready clients in Adams County, but also to other clients throughout Pennsylvania and in other parts of the country. Debi Little says that Nadejiah spearheaded this project and went above and beyond her assigned duties. This lesson plan will help to teach Work Ready clients valuable computer skills that will give them an edge in the competitive job hunt.

Nadejiah’s commitment to SCCAP does not end there. She has led various workshops in the Work Ready program, provided regular ESL tutoring to a client, and assisted with SCCAP’s weekly Circles of Support meetings. By tackling the crucial issues of poverty this summer, Nadejiah has demonstrated a strong dedication to the cause and a true passion for social justice.