Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Fearless: Raksmeymony Yin

This summer, Raksmeymony Yin ’14, otherwise known as Rex, fearlessly taught from his own lesson plans, graded students’ papers, and organized brand new curriculums as one of twelve interns at the Breakthrough Collaborative… Continue reading

The Shortcomings of a “Diverse” College Campus

“What is the diversity like at Gettysburg College?” As a tour guide, I get asked this question a lot. It’s a tricky question to answer: On one hand, I know that this is… Continue reading

Porch Culture: The Stoop of Entitlement

To the class of 2017: Welcome to Gettysburg. Welcome to the next four years of your life. Welcome to the school where you spend vast amounts of time at or trying to get… Continue reading

Fearless: Maurice Phiri

As the class of 2017 joins Gettysburg College, we recognize first-year student, Maurice Wezi Phiri, who already has already showed his fearless commitment to social justice. After participating in a workshop with youth… Continue reading

Six Months In: We Surge On

Steve Jobs created Apple in a garage. Facebook emerged out of a college dorm room. And so, like all good (and equally famous) things, the idea for Surge began in the Plank basement.… Continue reading

Lessons on Love from the Back of the Pew

Saturday marked the one year anniversary of the death of the most important man in my life, my paternal grandfather. Despite the desire of each of his grandchildren to be his one and… Continue reading

Fearless: Bruce Larson and Alice Carter

This Monday, Professor of political science and public policy, Bruce Larson, Assistant Director of Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations, and Technology, Alice Carter, and daughter Lily Larson will be leaving for a semester… Continue reading

Stuff White People Like #1863

“It is well that war is so terrible, lest we should grow too fond of it.” ~ General Robert E. Lee There I sat: sun burning my neck, sweat pouring down my face,… Continue reading

Out of the Night

I did not graduate. After four years of college, waiting for the day I could shake President Riggs’ hand, receive my diploma, and depart our campus with pride and honor, that day never… Continue reading

Fearless: Nadejiah Towns

This week we would like to recognize Nadejiah Towns ’15 as a fearless fighter against poverty. This summer she has served as a Heston intern for the South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP)… Continue reading