FEARLESS: Gettysburg ALLies

In celebration of the Supreme Court’s decision to declare DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional, the revocation of Prop 8, and Hershel Genfer’s fantastic blog, we’d like to highlights Gettysburg’s fearless ALLies Club headed by Ann Sasala ’15 and Adrienne Ellis ’14. This past year Erin Duran, the Residence Life Coordinator for West Quad, also began his partnership with ALLies as the college’s first LGBTQA advisor.


Over the past year, the club has put on several awesome events including an extremely successful Drag Show in the Junction, the annual Gender Bender, a visit from the only openly gay Orthodox Rabbi in the U.S., Steven Greenberg, and countless movie nights and discussions as part of ALLies week. The club also co-sponsored the Rocky Horror Picture Show this fall with SMuT. Last spring ALLies fostered an intense discussion of the debate on transgender representation in the military, and many members of the club rallied to protest when Rick Santorum visited Gettysburg, where he chose to end his presidential campaign. They hold weekly meetings that are open to all students, and ALLies house also keeps a safe room for any student on campus who feels uncomfortable or disrespected on campus because of their beliefs or sexual orientation.

The club and the established ALLies House are a fearlessly fantastic outlet at Gettysburg for anyone interested in learning about or participating in the LGBTQA communityTo quote Annie Skrabak ’15, “…the most important thing for everyone to know about ALLies is that everyone is welcome. Whether you are the loudest and proudest queer, someone who hasn’t come out of the closet, or someone who knows nothing about the queer community, you are welcome. At the risk of stating the obvious, ALLies is a club for ALL people. Diversity is what makes this world so interesting and fantastic; ALLies just wants to remind everyone who may have forgotten that.”

This week we’d also like to shout out to Casa de la Cultura and Heston intern Emily Hauck ’14. This Sunday at 3:00pm in Masters Hall they will be hosting an information session on Immigration Reform and Deferred Action.