FEARLESS: Alice Broadway and Gamelan Gita Semara

Next week a group of education students and members of Sunderman Conservatory’s Gamelan Gita Semara ensemble are fearlessly traveling to Ubud, Bali for three weeks for a musically and culturally immersive experience. The group, led by Dr. Brent Talbot has a packed itinerary. Much of the trip will be devoted to working with a local gamelan teacher to learn about different styles of the drumming art. While there, they will also be attending an arts festival and collaborating with locals on various projects.

For one of these projects, students on the trip will pair up with local children, following them around while they take pictures of their village and then helping them to write a narrative about it. Their goal is to allow the children to portray their lives to the world from their own perspective. These narratives will be bound, and all proceeds from their sale will be returned to the village.


While on the trip, Alice Broadway ’14 will be conducting research for her Mellon Summer Scholars project entitled “Musical and Linguistic Negotiations of Westerners in a Balinese Music Learning Context.” Essentially she will be observing her fellow Gettysburg students as they learn new gamelan techniques in order to better understand how language and language barriers play a role in the learning process. She also hopes to gain a new perspective on the differences between Western and non-Western teaching styles. Dr. Talbot and his talent for bringing his academic and musical passions into the classroom is the professor who originally inspired her interest in the subject, and he is also her Mellon advisor.

Alice and the Gamelan Gita Semara group are fearlessly embracing other cultures and refusing to let any barrier in communication get in the way. We’d also like to give a shout out to the other Summer Mellon Scholars, Ethan Budgar ‘14, Kelly Hagerty ‘14, Weston Jackson ‘14, Chad MacLeod ‘14, Victoria Mohr ‘15, Jessie Pierce ‘14, Michele Seabrook ‘14, Samantha Smith ‘15. All of them are pursuing a greater understanding of different cultures and social issues through their research.