FEARLESS: Painted Turtle Farm

The Painted Turtle Farm opens today!


For the last seven years, the student-run organic farm has provided vegetables that were utilized both at Servo,  the Campus Kitchen at Gettysburg College,   and the food pantry to create meals that are both healthy and locally grown, providing sustainable and environmentally sound alternatives to other sources of herbs and vegetables.

This summer the Painted Turtle Farm is transitioning into a campus-community hub for food justice. This expansion will enable the land to be used as a training ground for students and immigrant families to work together to grow food, exchange knowledge and learn to market the produce for sale

Pictured above are the students and families that will make this dream come true!


And shout-out goes to Gettysburg High School student Carrie Lindeman who fearlessly challenged her school board to change the school’s “Warrior” mascot!