Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice.


Allan Kawala ‘13 does not stand on the sidelines. He is an agent of change and is a leader at Gettysburg College and in his home country of Malawi. He has dedicated his life to making social change a reality. Here is his message to you:

“Sometimes, I get frustrated with the minimal progress towards social justice and I just wish to give up the fight. However, I think about what our society would be like today if the people before did that. Fighting against social injustice and fighting for a just society transcend my personal experiences; it’s about honoring those whose legacy made my experiences better today, and carrying on with the fight to create better experiences for my children, grandchildren, and unborn generations.

Social change doesn’t come easily. But it starts with you. Acknowledge your privilege. Figure out the messages you internalize. Refuse to be a bystander. Challenge stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and oppression in the face of adversity.

But remember, this isn’t just about you.

It’s also about those who came before you can will come after. Let’s not have our children experience the same racial abuse because we have not acted.”

Need more inspiration? Check out the The Peace Project Song, created and recorded by an advocacy group that Allan Kawala ’13 founded. It’s been played by radio stations in more than 30 African countries!

And a shout out to Pete Barrett ’15 for his awesome blog post about the need to Stand Up to create change!