FEARLESS: Mike Altman

Mike Altman ’12 has combined two extremely important aspects of his life: comedy and clean water.


After participating in the 2011 Heston Internship in Uganda working in a community on clean water projects, Mike gained a new interest in Global Health. His interest grew and a few months ago he started an internship with charity: water, an organization working to bring access to clean water throughout the world in a way that attempts to break the traditional donation model. At charity: water, Mike is part of a greater group that is working to more closely connect people to specific water projects through financial transparency and innovative fundraising campaigns.

Through June 1, Mike is trying to raise money and morale though his campaign “Pay It Funny” hosted through charity: water. He is challenging individuals to find their funny bone and create a 6-second video that shows off their sense of humor on the new social app, Vine. Each Vine video with the hashtags #PayItFunny #charitywater will cost one donation of the participant’s choosing. He is aiming to reach $1000 by the end of May and when his campaign is finished, 100% of that money will DIRECTLY fund specific water projects.

And when those projects have finished, charity: water will send Pay it Funny participants the pictures and GPS coordinates of the actual water projects their donations went to. He is also asking for participants to post the links to their Vine videos on the Pay It Funny donation page so that everyone can giggle together at each other’s humor. Mike is fearlessly creating an environment of open discussion and about the important issue of water availability, and what a fun way to do it!

Don’t have a vine account? That’s ok! Login at payitfunny@gmail.com (password: payitfunny123).

Go to his campaign page for more details or to donate and post your Vine’s URL:


Check out the Vine that the staff at Surge made!


And a shout-out to the Random Acts of Theater Company who is coming to Gettysburg from Selma, Alabama next week. These high school students are not only extremely talented, but they’re also coming with much to share about their experiences living in the still-segregated South. We’re pumped to meet them when they arrive next Wednesday! Check out the schedule of their events!