FEARLESS: Casey Butrico and Melanie Emerson

Fearless Friday celebrates individuals, groups, or events that promote change or challenge injustice.


Butrico                              Emerson

Casey Butrico (‘16) and Melanie Emerson (‘16) recently started a discussion group called Students for Reproductive Justice. This group is dedicated to the belief that women should control all aspects of their reproduction, including education about and access to safe birth control. They also aim to focus on gynecological care, pre-natal care, and abortion as human rights. These two fearless first-years have made a mission to educate and raise awareness about local and national issues that relate to women’s reproductive autonomy and the legal restrictions threatening it. Melanie and Casey are facilitating a discussion that previously didn’t have its own space on our campus, and in doing so they are encouraging a new kind of action. Their group meets every Friday at 7 pm at the Women’s Center. Joining them in this discussion today would be a great way to kick off  your celebration of Women’s Day in March!


And a shout out to Congress for renewing the Violence Against Women Act yesterday!

Check it out!


Participants in the Vagina Monologues support the Violence Against Women Act